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Alpha Infinity Studios-Now Filling All Positions (Volunteers for Independent Studio)

Video Game Programmer Wanted

Job Details:
The position is for a game programmer that is willing to work on a volunteer basis for our indie development team. The job takes on all programming duties to get the game up and running as well as to implement design choices and gameplay mechanics. You will be working very closely with other members of the team on site to help develop games for the PC, primarily mmorpg's to be played on their own websites via the browser, or on a social platform such as Facebook.
We are really looking for an individual who is willing to be dedicated, trustworthy, and reliable towards our projects. As a small independent studio, we are all working on a volunteer basis to help bring together a passion and a dream. If you are interested in working and helping us grow, contact us.
Work Essentials:
-Implement code based upon systems created for all aspects of  the game.
-Work cooperatively with team members to plan and execute game features.
-Evaluate code and communicate programming issues to enhance code quality.
-Communicate ideas and decisions to team members.
-Working with existing code systems and/or creating new code.
-Break down tasks and determine time frames to keep on production scheduling.
-Strong knowledge of C# programming language (C++ and other programming languages welcome)
-Programming for 2D and 3D systems in their respective environments.
-Good knowledge of math.
-Experience with programming platforms and compilers required for development.
-Strong communication skills.
-Willing to dedicate time towards the studio for development.
-Most importantly, have a passion and a knowledge for video games.
Contact Information:
Christopher Harwell – Lead Game Designer, Alpha Infinity Games Studio
Email: [put Alpha Infinity in the subject please]


Also looking for Volunteer EVERYTHING ELSE to make a video game, from artists to game designers, game testers, quest writers, etc.  We are trying to make a working video game which will eventually turn a profit, and everyone involved will be able to reap the benefits of said project.  If we can get a working demo and game design plan developed, we can implement a fund-raising drive on a website such as to get enough money to really get the game off the ground and make it a polished, professional game.  Anyone who is interested, please contact me ASAP. 

Below is some info. on the basic design of the game I would like to make, copied from a proposal to an independent game development compnay.  Please read no further if you are not interested! 

 I have no formal NDA written up at this time, so please know that by this discussion, you are bound to a general NDA, as many of these ideas are my own intellectual property.  If you do not agree to this, then stop reading now.

I put less than 5k as budget but of course it would most likely take much more, and I would have to take out a small business loan.  I want to make a facebook app roleplaying game, but not one that is similar to mafia wars. 

I would need users to be able to drag and drop buildings and decorations onto an empty map for their village as they are able to buy or construct things for it, and also for them to build and decorate their own dungeons and add to it monsters and traps and treasure, which they can adventure in as well as their friends/neighbors. 

The game will have a leveling and skill system, and non player characters will give quests in the game as well.  It can be a top-down isometric view, nothing fancy, but good-looking is a must.  Premium buildings, decorations, furniture, monsters, traps, treasures, etc., can be bought in a cash shop as well as potions, cosmetic outfits, and other useful items, while the majority of gear will have to be found in the dungeons or adventure areas of the wilderness outside of their town. 

The dungeons have to be expandable, with the user able to add rooms to their existing floorplan, and add floors up or down to expand it as well.  Also, other dungeons can be acquired or bought so they can have multiple adventuring areas to develop. 

Also, there will be mining and foresting, etc., areas that the player can practice and level up their skills and acquire useful crafting materials.  Combat between the player and monster should be turn-based on a battle map grid, with each having the choice of using various skills or abilities each round based on their skill sets. 

You can gain experience as a character and as a dungeon master.  With dungeon mastering experience, you can develop your dungeon, and as a character, you develop your attributes and skills and abilities and such.  You gain dungeon master experience by successfully preventing players from beating your dungeon, i.e. the monsters defeat the characters trying to get the loot.  As you level, you can put higher level monsters and more dangerous traps in, which have to be bought with your dungeon master experience or in the cash shop as premium items.  Exclusive decorations, monsters, traps, treasures, and such can also be sold. 

Players can craft with their skills various furniture to put in their village's buildings or decorate the outside, or they can buy them from their friends/neighbors' shopkeepers, or from the cash shop.  Therefore, you need to be able to make the walls and roofs of the buildings disappear to see inside them as well as be visible if you want to view them normally.  Another unique item of this game should be a time system, wherein every action takes real-world times to do them, but they are shortened for the game, as in an 8 hour rest would take 8 minutes; a 15 minute action would take 15 seconds; a week would be shortened to a day; a day would take an hour; a 6 second combat round would occur instantly, etc.  Although these actions occur for the user faster to drive the game along, the game's clock for each player would record exactly how much real-time would have been spent to do the action.  A player would also be able to queue up a limited number of actions to do in a day, and the AI should be such that it would remember what actions would be normally performed at certain times of the day so that it could act on its own when the player isn't online and actively playing, performing things such as eating, sleeping, etc, at certain times of the day. 

I want players to be able to interact with the NPC's of the town, offering them jobs at certain locations, matching them with their varied skill sets, changing their wages, etc.  A player should also be able to have a shop or shops to sell their goods acquired in dungeons or crafted or grown to other players or to the npc's who would also be needing to fulfill their own needs.  Basic npc's wouldn't need adventuring gear, but npc's that are things such as warriors, rangers, mages, or such, might buy gear from the shop and be able to be used as hirelings to help out in a dungeon or adventure. 

Each day, a random number of new npc's would join the town, something like 1 to 4 new people per character level that your player is, of random races and classes.  This could result in a large population eventually, so they need to be able to be micromanaged and not have zillions of people seen on the map, but more listed as a number of each type of character, maybe with a list of their names and basic details, where they work, etc.  If a player puts an item for sale in a shop, they could put a hold on an item to give other neighbors a chance to buy it before the NPC's could buy it out from under them if they wish. 

Also, players should have the chance to deconstruct gear they don't need or want to sell so that they can take the basic components and try to make better gear with it, such as breaking down 2 basic daggers to get enough crafting materials to combine them together with a magic enhancement to make a +1 dagger.  Of course all skills such as getting materials for crafting items or the actual making of things has success and failure rates, the same as combat, with that rate being modified by a certain ability score such as strength or intelligence or dexterity, etc. 

These are some of my basic ideas, but I could go on and on with what I'd love to have, including basic games to play in a gambling hall, maybe simple ones like flip a card over from a deck and then guess whether the next one will be higher or lower.  These type of games would be fairly simple to program.  Other competitive games between players with simple programming could be implemented such as rock/paper/scissors type games, a simple guess the number closest to a secret number game, or a simple roll of the dice to see who rolls highest. 

I believe that the ability to grow and build your own towns, dungeons, wilderness areas, etc., visit your neighbors to explore their locations as well as your own, and the crafting of items that can be sold to each other (with recipes gained through adventuring or in the cash shop or from each other, with some being more rare than others), and the other fun aspects of this game would make this game a huge hit. 

I just need someone who knows how to make it, make it appealing, and help me to launch it on facebook or its own website.  Also, please, this information for my game is non-disclosable and portions of my gaming systems are copyrighted as my own creations, as they have never been done before, and I would appreciate a no-compete agreement with you along with a quote as to how much this game would cost to make and launch and maintain. 

The user would also need to be able to switch between views of his village, his surrounding wilderness areas, and each of his dungeon locations, so that he can work on whichever area he would like without the screen being cluttered with all of it.  Of course each player should be able to build his own personal home and decorate it as well and have personal storage in the form of a backpack and bags of different sizes, as well as chests for his house purchasable from the shop or perhaps craftable.  Different types of buildings or different size houses or huts or mansions or castles or whatever would cost different types and amounts of materials that would of course have to be gathered before crafting.  You could also implement some things that have to built by items gotten through requests by neighbors. 

That's all for now, but more than enough for you to know what kind of game I'm looking to make.  I have no idea if your company can do all of this like I want.  I have had many people make promises but none that I believe thus far, as they all seem to be blowing smoke and don't have portfolios to back up their abilities to deliver a quality profitable app such as this.  If not on facebook, the game could be hosted on a standalone website if need be, or even made into a marketable downloadable game that can be purcahsed, or on a CD as a stand-alone game.  What do you think the budget is for such a game?  I have been told random amounts from 30k-100k or more.  I need a real estimate from a real company who knows what they're doing please. 

Thank you,

Christopher R. Harwell
132 Forest Ave., Apt. 2C
Jackson, AL 36545 

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